crossdresser in beautiful dressFemme name: Alexa

Location: Nottingham, UK

How long you have been crossdressing: As long as I can remember, but I’ve only really been doing it regularly since the beginning of 2021.

Reason you crossdress: Crossdressing is a means of escape and a lot of fun for me. As a guy I can never look pretty, but as Alexa it’s much easier to. Most of all – it’s so much fun to do. I’ve been out with some girls recently and I had one of the best nights ever. I’m hoping to repeat it soon!

Things you like doing after getting dressed: I make loads of videos for my YouTube channel, pictures for IG, but also just hanging out and relaxing in girl mode.

Your favorite outfits/style: I like formal dresses, but also the secretary look is a lot of fun for me. As you can probably tell from my pictures!

▶ YouTube: @alexajanesmith2616

Photo Gallery:

male to female makeover

man transformed into woman

male to female transformation

male to female makeover

man dressed as woman

male to female full body transformation

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  1. You are so beautifull

  2. You are absolutely beautiful , wish we could get married

    Take care be safe

  3. From a 51 year old straight guy,I would like to say you look great sweetheart,keep doing You & the critics can go fuck themselves.

  4. You look great in pink Alexa 👄

  5. You are very beautiful and sexy and let me tell you that I would love to take you out for dinner and after it is up to you I am down for anything you want to do


    1. Du siehst geil aus. Du gefällst mir sehr gut

  7. Wow, gorgeous sister x

  8. Breath-taking sexy ❤️xx

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