Alaina Sanchez

crossdresser Alaina dressed as bunny girl
Name: Alaina Sanchez

▶ Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands

How long have you been crossdressing Started at the age of 22, so 5 years to now! But had a long orientation phase.. I might… have been sneaking in the rooms of my sisters a few times!

Say something about your crossdressing experience: I love dressing from time to time! Mainly in the weekends. I got whole a bunch of clothes to wear, mostly using a breasplate and I have been practicing more with make-up lately.

I Love wet/leather looks, all kind of chokers/neckless jewels and of course heels. Unlikely to average I prefer pants over skirts although I still wear skirts from time to time.

Reason you crossdress: Always had woman features in my face in boy-mode and I can feel free and myself in girl-mode.

Things you like to do after dressing up:  I love to show myself on social media! Sometimes hang around on cam nights at Discord where we made a server for Dutch transwoman, crossdress, genderfluid girls. Also love camping from time to time. Oh and love walking outside the most, gives so much freedom and is such a stress relief!

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crossdresser wearing breastplate

Alaina Sanchez

Guy dressed as girl

crossdresser wearing breastform

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  1. Nice pictures!

    I’m a crossdresser also from the Netherlands.

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