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Adziana – Covergirl of the week ( August )

Adziana For this week, we have featured the bold & stunning Adziana as our Covergirl of the week !

“Well, I know it’s a cross dresser page but I don’t really see myself as a cross dresser 😉😜 Well when I first started my journey at age 6 then yeah I guess the overwhelming desire to wear my mum’s dresses 👗was Crossdressing but I have always been gender free so the clothes I wear only reflect my mood and the activity I’m doing 😊 because it’s only our outdated social structure that gives fabric gender..!! 🙄

The same materials used to make make clothes can be fashioned into a gorgeous evening gown or sexy lingerie 😍 so that being said I’m just me and I try to be a positive influence to all people that feel they don’t fit into a man made social structure where people are bound my gender norms 🤩🤗” – Adziana

Check out Adziana’s Instagram Page:

Photo Gallery: Adziana

Adziana in blue mini dress

Adziana crossdressing in red dress and heels

Adziana Adziana


Adziana crossdressing as school girl


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