Adri Kiss

Adri Kiss
▶ Femme name: Adri Kiss

▶ Location: Hungary

▶ How long you have been crossdressing : Since I remember. I remember when I was 14 that I asked a classmate that I would like to try on her skirt.

▶ Say something about your crossdressing experience:  For me it’s about striving for feminine perfection. I would like to be as beautiful and feminine as possible.

Reason you crossdress: To escape the stress of everyday life. And of course I just feel the urge to wear women’s clothes.

Things you like to do after getting dressed: Making photos, obviously.



Photo Gallery:

man to woman transformation

beautiful crossdresser in skirt and heels

crossdresser in pantyhose

Male to female makeover

crossdresser in mini skirt

Crossdresser in floral dress

Crossdresser Adri Kiss

Adri Kiss

Crossdresser Adri Kiss

Adri Kiss

beautiful crossdresser

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  1. Absolutely stunning, I dress for a different experience. But would love to look this good.

  2. Eu gostava de fazer de mulher trans

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