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A SHORT WALK BUT A LONG STAY – My Cousin Feminized Me

My Cousin Feminized Me - Crossdressing Story

I shall always remember arriving home, on the last day of college, aunt Hilda and my cousin Yvonne, on that Friday, we broke-up for the summer holidays. As I arrived home, there was a car on the driveway that I did not recognize. I always entered mom’s house from the rear door. 

“Mom, I saw a car on our driveway, and best enlighten you, if you are aware of it.” I said.

“Oh yes my dear” mom replied from the kitchen, “it’s aunt Hilda’s, she is here with her daughter, your cousin Yvonne. They are in the lounge, and are staying the night, and were asking if you would like to return with them tomorrow, to spend a week or two with them. You best go now and give them your answer.”

So off I trotted to the lounge, where aunt Hilda, was watching the TV; and cousin Yvonne, reading a magazine. So after the usual welcoming, I told both that I would love to travel back with them tomorrow. 

Then mom called out, to wash our hands as dinner was ready. So we sat and ate, chatted a while afterwards. Then mom told us that she and aunt Hilda were going to Bingo and  if we would both like to accompany them. 

“Not really mom, as I rather take a shower and pack a few things later. Besides, there is a program on TV  that I would like to watch.” I said.

“What about you Yvonne? “, mom asked Yvonne.

“Thank you aunt Marion,  but I think I will take a bath and just relax if it is okay with you and mom?” replied Yvonne.

“Of course dear”, both mom and aunt said simultaneously. 

So mom and aunt  got ready and off they went in the car, to the Bingo. 

“Are you going to shower or bath?”, Yvonne asked me. 

“Oh later Yvonne, I will watch TV; you go ahead, Yvonne.” , I replied. 

So later on, I heard Yvonne vacate the bathroom and shout down to me that the bathroom was free now. 

“Oh well, best go and get cleaned-up” I said to myself. As I entered the bathroom, Yvonne called out to me, “oh be a sweetie and pull the plug out from the bath, I forgot about Graham.”. 

“No problem”, I called back. 

“I just needed a freshening up, the water is not dirty” Yvonne told me. 

I stripped-off and put my dirty clothes, all of them in the laundry basket, in the bathroom, and stepped into the bath. The water was warm enough and being a summer’s evening, it rather seemed refreshing. So I sat down then lay down. The fragrance from the water seemed to excite me, and I began to fantasize Yvonne in the bath, where I was now. Best not to myself, so began to wash. 

Once finished, I emptied the bath and rinsed around it. Walking to my bedroom, with a towel wrapped around me in a, male sarong style, that is around the waist, as opposed to the female style  of it over the bust. 

Yvonne was at my mom’s vanity  case, wearing a pink toweling bathrobe. As I stood at the door of mom’s bedroom, which Yvonne had left open, I asked Yvonne  what she was doing. 

“Oh just plucking my eyebrows. Come on in please, and sit awhile with me.” Yvonne asked me.

“I best not Yvonne, as I have nothing on under this towel. ” I replied.

“Well same here my sweet, no undies on under this bathrobe. ” Yvonne said with a smile.

“Oh gosh, my thoughts began to race again,  and she indicated to the chair, near to her for me to sit there. Now Yvonne is about seven years my senior, in her mid twenties. So I did as I was told and sat watching her as she rubbed a block of ice over her eyebrows. 

“What are you doing that for” I asked.

“To freeze the area, for me to pluck my brows.” She replied.

“Why not shave them, it will be quicker and less painful” I advised her. 

“No dear, I do not wish to and this way, the hair will take  longer to grow  back. ” She said.

“It looks painful, to me”, I said, now seeming to stare at this action.

“Come here sweetie, let me see if you can stick it out”, as she told me to bring my chair toward her. Then with the ice block taken from the fridge earlier on, she rubbed it over one brow and plucked my brows.

 “Oh no, that is not for me Yvonne, I rather shave mine, if I was a girl. All of a sudden an idea seemed to come on in her  head. 

Well I have a great idea, shall we? Yvonne said with a big smile.

“Shall we what Yvonne?”, I asked.

“Shall I make you a girl?” She said.

“Make me a girl?” I replied very surprised.

“Yes sweetie, just for fun, to see how you would look. Your hair is long enough for me to style and you have long eyelashes, your complexion silky smooth and to tell you the truth, it would not take much to transform you. Come on, let’s shave your eyebrows, as she stood, grabbed my hand and led me back into the bathroom.” Yvonne said.

 “No best not Yvonne. ” I replied nervously.

“Oh come on, don’t be  miserable all your life, take a day off”, she said as she grabbed my razor. “Now  hold still sweetie”, and with a few swipes of the razor, my brows were now bald. Yvonne looked at me, then turned me to the mirror.

 “Oh my gosh, I look weird now. They will take ages to grow back, people will ask why I shaved my eyebrows?” I cried in horror.

 “Oh silly, don’t worry, I will pencil brows in for you.” Yvonne said.

 “Pencil them in! Yvonne, I am not a girl. ” I said.

“Not yet sweetie, but in a while and before our mom’s return, you will be.” She replied. 

Then Yvonne had me wear her undies and her orange dress. She even made me wear her clip on earrings.

Oh gosh, how can I be so obsequious, to allow myself to not only sit and have my face made up, with full make-up, but my hair styled and then dressed in some of Yvonne’s undies and a dress, I uttered to myself. 

Yvonne squealed when a pair of her heels fitted me. I stood as she placed her hands on my shoulders and made me look into the full length dress mirror. 

“Oh no this is not good Yvonne, I actually look like a girl”, I said looking at myself in the mirror pretty shocked.

“How do  you feel?” She asked now happy with her achievement of feminizing me. 

“Oh gosh, I feel emasculated as I need to sit down and think this out. ” I said.

Yvonne chided me to sit properly as she reminded me I was  now wearing a dress. 

“Yvonne, I have to take all of this off now.” I said panicking. 

‘Yes dear, but all in good time”, Yvonne replied as she held up her cell phone to take photos of me. 

“No please Yvonne, no photos. ” I screamed.

“Just a few for you and me, and we will show them to our mom’s, and ask them, do they recognize this girl?” Yvonne said with a laugh.

Then I tried requesting Yvonne to help me undress and wash my make-up off, and uncurl my hair. 

“No sweetie, stay like that awhile, I think you look good as a girl and I really like you like that, and if the truth be known, I think you also like it. ” She said.

Then to my horror,  I heard the front door opening and my mom and aunt’s voice. 

“Oh gosh, please Yvonne, help me out of this dress, as it was a zip at the back and I was unable to unzip it.” I asked nervously.

“It’s alright sweetie, our mom’s know of it.” She said.

“How can they?” I asked panicking.

“I sent two of the photos to your mom and my mom. ” She said with a grin.

“Oh gosh no, please say you are winding-me-up.” I replied feeling scared. 

“No sweetie” She said.

I couldn’t believe Yvonne got me dressed and made-up as a girl. Then I heard  my  mom’s call out at the foot of the stairs, “ARE YOU TWO GIRLS COMING DOWN FOR SUPPER?”

The End

Sent by Graham Jones

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  1. I wish that would happen to me. I would be in heaven

  2. What a delight and a dream, yes please

  3. loved the story if ever you or any other girls wish to chat, send me an email .


    1. I enjoyed it too.
      Have you read all of these lovely tales ?
      How to pass the Winter in a cloud of pleasure !

  4. I wish I had a relative to totally feminize me. Currently feminizing myself from Michael to Hilarie.

  5. I didnt want it to end

  6. I see nothing wrong with that sound s fun wish it was me I am 70 thin build thin arms and legs I WAS MADE UP AS A WOMEN SEVERAL TIMES for pictures by young ladies
    with tons of make up too .. At a studio several years ago they said I PASS as a women .. Besides my sister use to put make up on me when teens So I still wear dresses at home IN THE SUMMER find they are cooler size 12

  7. Such a wonderful ending. Acceptance and a promise of future fun.

    I wish it had happened to me.

  8. What a wonderfully feminizing experience!! I’d love that to happen to me and be treated like a girl by my cousin, aunt and mom. They could teach me to be completely a girl and be totally feminine in every way!

  9. Absolutely a fabulous story. Not sorry that our babysitter sent my siblings to a party for her sister and told me as a class assignment she needed to transform a boy to girl for a class project. The hair removal was excit and hair extensions attached and wearing a long line bra allowing my excess fatty tissue on and around my breasts fill in the 44 C cups . Ear piercing at the mall and shoes with 2 inch heels picked up their too. I thought zi would pass out from the pleasure I was feeling, Jim was now JeanMarie. This story helped me relive that experience! Wow, how wonderful!!!!

  10. Wonderful experience. I’ve dressed my boyfriend my brother and even my Son as girls numerous times. All were very embarrassed first time. I have always known us ladies just have to be firm but gentle to get you men to enjoy this delightful experience.

  11. When i was 12,me and my sister,Katie who was 15,finially made our First Holy Communions in the class with the 2nd graders[7 year olds].I wore my suit and ty and mom and dad dressed Katie up like the little girls in our class in a cute,white,poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white ‘mary jane’shoes.To make her even more like the little girls,they required her to wear a 10 ply thick cloth diaper,pinned on her with pink diaper pins,with a pair of white,adult size,blousy fitting plastic pants over it and a white tee shirt as her top.She looked very cute and little girlish and when she walked,her plastic pants crinkled under her dress! I couldnt keep my eyes off of her! Later that next week,i got home from school,dad was at work,mom was out shopping and Katie was at a friends house.I saw her communion outfit in her room so i took off my clothes,pinned on her diaper,put the plastic pants on over it,then her tee shirt,then her dress,veil,lace socks and shoes! I pranced around in her outfit and pretended i was a girl! I was so engrossed in being a ‘girl’i didnt hear mom and Katie come home and they both came into my room and caught me in her outfit! Katie started freaking out and mom was yelling at me and calling me a pervert! I was ordered to stand still and they both took pictures of me with their cell phones to show to dad! I was told to take her outfit off and knew i was in big trouble! After dad got home,he was shown the pics of me in Katies outfit and as my punishment,mom got more cloth diapers and plastic pants and i was forced to wear them after school every day and on the weekends,i was forced to wear Katies communion dress and the diaper and plastic pants! It was very embarrassing for me and it lasted for 4 months!

  12. To Kevin M.-I am a catholic girl and my parish requires the girls to wear a cloth diaper,plastic pants,tights and tee shirt under our communion dresses.For our confirmation at 16[10th grade] we have to wear the white short sleeve,poofy,floor length dresses and veils with gloves and the tee shirt,cloth diaper,plastic pants and tights and the white patent leather shoes.

    1. Are there any other catholic females here who had to wear a diaper and plastic pants and under shirt under their communion dress for their First Communion as a teenager?

      1. Yes,i had to wear the cloth diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under my poofy communion dress when i was 15 also.They were required for all of the girls!

  13. I had a girlfriend who I told about my desire to dress as a woman. One weekend she asked me if she could give me a makeover, I agreed but I never thought she would go so extreme on me. She had my shoulder length hair up in curlers for more then 2 hours, she plucked my eyebrows leaving me with two pencil thin, arched lines, she pierced my ears & gave me a perfect makeup job. When she was done with my hair, I looked like an actual woman.
    She talked me into walking around the block with her, then to the mall. After walking around the mall for an hour, she talked me into going to a bar with her, she said she wanted to see if any guys hit on me. We had a lot of guys buying us drinks & one guy asked me to dance with him. My girlfriend insisted that I go so I did. When I got back to our table, my girl said she would bet me a hundred dollars that I couldn’t get a guy to kiss me in the dance floor.
    The guy I danced with before asked me to dance again so I told my girl to watch this. While we were dancing, I asked him if he would mind if I kissed him, his lips were on mine before I finished asking him. After our dance he said we should go get some air & he took me by the hand out to his car. We started kissing & the next thing I knew he had his pen*s out & was pushing my head down to it. I wound up giving him a BJ & swallowing everything he put in my mouth, the funny thing was, I really liked it & wanted to do it again.

    1. How wonderful being a girl would be! Oh, my! Maybe I could even get a boyfriend, to date me, and take me out! Oh, I would be ever so good and sweet for him! I will always hold his hand, and look into his eyes and smile up at him! I so wish Mommy would feminize me. i would rather be a woman than anything else in my life!
      Your Miss Roxanne

      1. When I was 14 and my sister 13, sho caught me in her clothes, panties, bra I filled out with my man boobs, full slip, thigh high nylons, her sandals, and summer dress.,so she said stay like that, she curled my hair, did my makeup and I looked like her twin. My Mom kept that secret and my Nana had her two granddaughters stay with her often. Loved the story! Thanks

  14. I wish that would happen to me so lovely

  15. I want to be a female instead of a male I want to be hypnotized to always act and walk in like a female. And always to wear pink panties nothing else. Immatize me while I sleep. Never to wear men’s underwear again.

  16. How I wish someone could make a female out of me! I would adore being admired by a man, and being attracted to him! Maybe he would even want to become a husband to me! Oh, my! Would it be possible? I know I could be the best woman I would ever be for him, and I would want to make him ever so happy! Oh, a new life for me, and one of femininity and passion! I DO want to be his girl! OH, YES!!
    Miss Roxanne

  17. I have been trained as a housemaid and sometimes dressed and worked as a maid for up to a week at a time. When I am dressed I am very obedient and consequently there have been occasions when I have been ordered to suck a man’s cock and I could not refuse

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