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8 Amazing Products for Crossdressers To Improve Their Feminine Appearance

Improve Your Feminine Appearance as a CrossdresserAs a male-to-female crossdresser, do you constantly feel that you don’t look your best as a girl/woman even though you have put in a lot of effort? Are you searching for ways to enhance your feminine appearance that really makes an impact? If the answer is YES, then this article will help you achieve your feminine goals.

We have listed  8 Amazing Products for Crossdressers to improve their feminine looks and build confidence.

Let’s get started!

1) High Quality Hair Wig

Hair wig for crossdresser
Hair matters a lot when it comes to looking feminine, beautiful, and attractive. For most crossdressers, hair wig is the only option to have long, beautiful, and stylish hair.  Wearing high quality hair wig will 100% improve your feminine appearance and will also make you feel more feminine and confident. Go for hair wigs with good quality material and colors that looks more natural on you to enhance your overall feminine appearance.

Some of the reasons to invest in a high quality hair wig are – they look natural, is comfortable to wear, comes in many style, and is a lot more durable for everyday use. One of the best option for crossdresser is Lace hair wigs. A lace wig is a hairpiece which gives the wearer the appearance of a natural hairline. It is available in both human hair or synthetic hair that is tied to a sheer lace base and looks very natural.

If you are looking for the most natural looking hair wig, go for human hair wigs or monofilament wigs which gives the appearance of individual hairs growing form the scalp. But keep in mind they can be pretty expensive.

Here are things to consider when you buy a Hair wig:

Cap Size – The size of the wig makes a big difference. Make sure to measure the size of your head using a measuring tape to know your cap size so that the hair wig will fit your nicely.

Length – How long do you want your new hair? Consider your present lifestyle and environment for choosing the right length. Long hair wigs are great for glamourous look and also have more styling options. But they are not easy to manage and are also prone to tangles. Short hair wigs are best for hotter and humid climate and are much easier to maintain.

Texture – Which do you prefer – Straight, Wavy or Curly Hair? Stay close to your natural hair texture if you are looking for the most natural look.

Color – Go for your natural-colored one if you want a more realistic appearance. Choose the color that suits your skin tone.

Shop for High Quality Hair Wigs

2) High Quality Silicone Breastplate

Breastplates for crossdressers
Breastplates are very popular among crossdressers nowadays.  If you are someone who uses social media regularly, then you must have noticed many crossdressers wearing breastplates for their feminine transformation and they look so realistic and amazing.

Wearing breastplates give the appearance of natural looking bust and is great for showing cleavage.  Also, they provide a very real sensation of having boobies. Wearing breastplates will add hotness to even your most simple outfits and elevate your feminine appearance. They jiggle and bounce like real thing and will also enhance your feminine experience to a great extent.

So, get yourself a nice pair of high quality breastplate and flaunt them in anyways you like. Breastplates are available in many sizes and skin tone. Don’t go for extremely bigger sizes if you want to look natural and convincing.

Also, make sure you invest in a high quality breastplate rather than very cheap ones. Cheap breastplates does not look natural, are very uncomfortable to wear, will not match your skin tone, does not blend nicely around the edges, does not have realistic jiggle & bounce, and does not last long. So, always shop from verified stores like The Breast Form Store to get the best quality products.

Shop High Quality Silicone Breastplate

3) Hip Pads

hip pads for crossdressers
If you really want to create a convincing feminine figure, wearing breastforms or breastplate may not be enough. Women have bigger & rounded hips and smaller waist. So, it is important for crossdressers who are looking to acquire a convincing feminine figure to use Hip pads to create the right feminine body proportion.

Hip pads are made from soft silicone and they can add up to 6 inches to your total hip measurement and that too instantly. Hip pads like the Jolie Self-adhering Hip pads are one of the best hip pads available in the market. They are ultra soft, very comfortable & easy to wear, and helps to create a very sexy, feminine shape instantly.

Shop Hip Pads

4)  Press-on nails

Press-on nails
Wearing Press-on nails is a great way to glam up your feminine looks on a budget. Press on nails are easy to apply, looks like real nails and comes in many cool designs & shapes. You can easily swtich them between outfits to create unique and trendy looks. Press-on nails give an effect almost identical to expensive gel manicures at salon and last much longer.

Press-on nails comes in both glue and glue-less design. You can apply the glue-less design by first cleaning your nail beds, then peel the clear film from each nail to reveal the adhesive, and finally pressing down firmly.

Buy Press-on Nails

5) Fake Eye Lashes

Fake eye lashes
Fake eye lashes will provide extra length and volume to your existing eye lashes to beautifully elongate your eyes.  Wearing Fake lashes will help to play up your eyes and add a lovely feminine feature to your face.

Thick, longer eyelashes will instantly play up your femininity. Add some eyeliner and eye shadow to make your eyes look elegant, big and feminine. Applying false eye lashes is relatively easy, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it in no time.

Shop Fake Eye Lashes

6) Waist Cincher

waist cincher
A waist cincher, also called waspie is a compression belt that cinch the waist and compress the stomach to make the waist smaller and slim. A waist cincher is a great way to temporary waist thinning and creating the illusion of curvy feminine figure. It can be worn underneath outfits and is a good alternative to corsets (waist trainers). With a waist cincher, you can reduce up to 2 to 3 inch from your waistline when it’s on.

Shop Waist Cincher

7) Pantyhose

black mini skirt and pantyhose
Wearing Pantyhose provides a very polished look and makes your legs look feminine, smooth and sexy. Pantyhose helps to conceal or hide any skin imperfections like bumps, hairy legs or pimpled legs. They can be worn to add light or full coverage to your legs.

Wearing pantyhose is a great way to create stylish & trendy feminine looks, ranging from sassy to classy. Pantyhose goes well with most outfits & accessories, and adds a lovely feminine touch to your clothing to make it seem more sassy and sophisticated.

Shop Pantyhose 

8) High Heels

High heels
Wearing High heels not only makes your legs look feminine and sexy but also gives your body a more elegant posture (arched back). High heels affect how you walk, stand and carry yourself. They make the legs and feet more attractive by emphasizing the legs, buttox, and general curves of the female body.

Your overall appearance becomes a lot more attractive when you are wearing high heels. They help to elongate the legs and lift the thighs and glutes. High heels emphasize the wiggle/swap of the hips and buttox while walking which is considered feminine and attractive. Additionally, High heels make every outfit look more feminine and sexy.

Shop High Heels

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