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6 Crossdressing Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Look Passable !

Crossdressing Mistakes to avoid

Many crossdressers want to look as feminine and beautiful as possible. If you are really looking to achieve a more passable feminine figure and looks, make sure to avoid 6 most common crossdressing mistakes as listed below.

Remember, it takes time to get good at crossdressing like any other things. Just make sure you dedicate more time and effort to crossdress and you will surely be able to improve your overall appearance and feminine personality.

No. 1. Not Shaving Properly

Shaving your legs

Having facial and body hair can really affect your appearance as a crossdresser. Not shaving up properly before dressing up might make you look less feminine.

Women are known to sty well shaved, so always shave up your facial hair and any skin area that is going to be exposed while dressing up. If you are planning to wear a dress or short outfit, better to have a nicely shaved legs. You can wear pantyhose or tights to cover up your legs if you are not comfortable shaving your legs.

No. 2. Wearing the wrong bra size

Getting right bra size

It is no surprise that a lot of crossdressers want to enhance their figure with bras. But getting the wrong bra can create many problems for your looks and comfort. If you are not wearing the right bra, your breast area will not look normal and proportional.

Take proper measurement of your chest to understand what size and type of bra will suit you. If you want a passable figure, make sure to give some time to find the right bra and padding for yourself to create a more natural feminine figure.

No. 3 . Putting on Too Much Makeup

Putting on too much makeup

Many crossdressers usually make this mistake. Having too much foundation or eye liner will make you look untidy,cheap and drag. If you want to look passable and beautiful as many gorgeous women out there, you will need to learn how to apply makeup properly.

Put effort into learning and getting the right makeup products for yourself. Practice putting on makeup and experiment with different styles. You can really improve your looks and style with makeup if done correctly.

No. 4. Wearing a cheap wig or no wig at all.

bad hair wig

Hair is considered to be a really important aspect associate with feminine image. Women have longer hair than men so if you are dressing up, make sure you are wearing a nice hair wig or grow your hair longer. Don’t buy very colorful or low quality hair wigs.

No. 5. Wearing outfits that are too tight or short.

wrong dress size

Excessively tight or short clothing is not only very uncomfortable to wear but also makes your body look awkward and less feminine.

Don’t buy or wear clothes that are either too short or too big for your body size. Having the right size dresses, skirts or any other outfit can really improve your feminine looks.

No. 6. Posing & Walking like a dude.

walking in heels

Many crossdressers don’t work on their body postures and movements. This makes them less passable. Even if you look beautiful and convincing, but if your postures and movements are manly, then your aren’t really fooling any body.

So, learn to pose and practice different feminine postures and walk. Make sure you have the right shoes on and practice walking till you are comfortable in them.

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  1. Nice sugetions

  2. Are there any articles on cross dressing with a full beard and chest hair?

    See I like looking like a man, but I dig ladies wear and I’m looking ways to get better at gender bending look

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