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25 Crossdressers Talk About Their Crossdressing Experience

crossdressingCrossdressing experience can vary from one crossdresser individual to the next. To shed more light in this topic, we asked 25 crossdressers from around the world to share their crossdressing experience and here is what they had to say about it.

1. Melania ( Rome, Italy)
Crossdresser Melania Profile
“Crossdressing is an expression of a part of me. It is something that I didn’t decide. It belongs to me since my birth. Through the years I have experienced more and more about this world and I find it always so fascinating. I always learn new things and I try to reach perfection day by day

I started with crossdressing at Carnival party in a club. I was impressed about the response of people that night. I decided then to explore this world and started to do it more frequently. Now, I really can’t stop to do it.”. – Melania

2. Laura (Germany)
crossdresser in skirt
” Crossdressing for me is like releasing my true self. I always felt more feminine than masculine so this is a great opportunity to express myself the way I really want to.

I usually crossdress at home. However, I went to bars and parties as well which was fun. I always look forward to go out more frequently“. – Laura

3. Alaska (Canada)
20 Crossdressers Talk About Their Crossdressing Experience
” I can honestly say I’ve been the happiest ever since I started dressing. The moment I stopped caring what others may think of me is the moment I really started evolving as a person.

I can really be myself to the fullest and live my best life. It feels so liberating and empowering to be able to do whatever you want and wear whatever you want. Stop trying to please everyone, and start living for yourself. Trust me, it’s so worth it !”. – Alaska

4. Emily Florence (California, USA)
Crossdresser Emily in mini blue dress and high heels
“I have a background in art, so I have an artistic habit for doing things and cross dressing has been exactly that for me. It’s been a way to not only express my artistic side but show what I love about women, what makes women beautiful. Pantyhose, heels, the dresses, the make up, you name it.

My goal has always been to be as convincing a woman as possible. I am very private with my dressing up outside of social media so I don’t have any crazy experiences with cross dressing.”. – Emily 

5. Jay Berry (United Kingdom)
Crossdresser Jay Berry
“I find crossdressing as a fun way to express my self and it makes me feel attractive; using makeup can be really fun and girl clothes are super fashionable and fun to shop for.  Its a way to express myself as it gives me confidence about how I look and I can appreciate women fashion a lot more than male fashion.”. – Jay Berry

6. Arshia Rao (India)
Crossdresser Arshia
“The journey of shy, scared little trying to come out of closet to woman with confidence has been exciting, adventurous. Its an art that very few can understand/pursue. Glad to be part of this. Crossdressing is fun. I simply love feminine fashion.”. – Arshia

7. CutieMei (Malaysia) 
20 Crossdressers Talk About Their Crossdressing Experience
“I started dressing up when I was very young. I wore my sisters dress and play pretend cooking with 2 of my sisters. When I was a teen I accidentally found my mom’s cute and comfy sleep dress. I wore it and eventually developed a love for sleep dresses.

Eventually mom found about it, she wasn’t angry at me but I stopped dressing up secretly. Now that I am grown up and have my own money I can dress up all I want.”. – CutieMei

8. Vesna Prague (Prague / Czech Republic)
crossdresser in public
” For me, crossdressing is not a sexual issue. It helps me to demolish some of my stereotypes about who women / men are and what their roles should be in society.

I started at the age of 6 or so, though the memory of that is fuzzy at best. But it really started right around the cusp of puberty.”. – Vesna

9. Ivana Nassi (Italy)
crossdresser Ivana wearing a mini dress
I usually crossdress at home. However, I went to bars and parties as well which was fun. I always look forward to go out more frequently.

Thanks to social media, I discovered that what I felt only mine is shared and appreciated by many people. I have had new friends and supporters.”. – Ivana

10. Carla Navarro (Madrid, Spain)
Carla crossdressing in floral dress
“Crossdressing is the best sensation in the world. I like to feel feminine from time to time. When I was a kid, I was quite attracted to the pantyhose of my mom. In secret, when nobody was in home, I always stole them from her wardrobe and wear them in front of the mirror for hours. I don’t know why I was doing that, but that fulfilled me in life.

Years later (too many years) I was living in Madrid, and I don’t know where I got the courage, I went to the Dafni Girls Studio, and my life changed. I never thought of me like a complete woman, but when I saw myself like that, with all the make up and the wig, it made me think that I could be good at this. I thought that it was the only time that I would get dressed like that. Turns out I was very wrong.”. – Carla

11. Klaudia Jones (Greece)

“Crossdressing has been an amazing journey that has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Through crossdressing and the expression of my feminine side I have noticed that I have become a better friend, husband and father in my everyday life.”. – Klaudia

12. Laura Loveheels (Mexico)
Crossdresser Laura loveheels
“I learn much about myself and also meet so great people through my crossdressing. I love to look pretty and  feel like a women. All my life, I always feel like a girl.”. – Laura

13.  Vivian Harding (Ireland)

“I love dressing up and creating different looks, I love fashion and being able to express my feminine side. I dress up because it’s when I feel most comfortable. I’ve been dressing up since early teens but only seriously in the later part of my life.”. – Vivian

14. Ana (Mexico)
Crossdresser Ana
“I enjoy my experience with crossdressing. I have a beautiful connection with girls because of it. I crossdress because it gives the chance to feel sensations like beauty, glamour, sexiness, femininity that I cannot experience in mans clothing. It’s kind of magical.

I usually like to take a lot of pictures of myself alone or with girlfriends. And the I enjoy my sexuality, or go out to party as a sexy woman.” – Ana

15. Adri Kiss (Hungary)
Crossdresser Adri Kiss
“For me it’s about striving for feminine perfection. I would like to be as beautiful and feminine as possible. Crossdressing helps me to escape the stress of everyday life. And of course I just feel the urge to wear women’s clothes.”. – Adri 

16. Briony Tucker (Wellington, New Zealand)
Crossdresser Briony Tucker
“I’m very much a part time crossdresser and I feel lucky that I can explore that side of me as and when I want. For me crossdressing is a wonderful way to express parts of my personality that aren’t often on display.

I also really love dressing up of all kinds and looking into the mirror seeing someone so different to the usual me looking back is quite a thrill.”. – Briony 

17.  Eva Joyce (Saint-Peterburg Russia)
Crossdresser Eva Joyce
“The first thing I got to handle was makeup. After some tries and fails I found out that making my own makeup is not the thing I’m especially good at. I found a makeup artist who helps me a lot for the last couple of years and I’m very grateful that my friends help me with this.

I was looking for my style for a few years and finally I came up with Eva like a full blown character I’m comfortable with. One of my biggest things in the last years is finding a girlfriend who supports me and helps me with all this stuff.”. – Eva

18. Claire (South Africa)
“It’s been a really fun and liberating experience living a second life. It was tough in the start because I knew nothing about make up or clothing but I had friends to help me learn. Going out for the first time was probably the hardest part.

I like going shopping, eating a restaurants, movies, walk in the park, cooking and just plain relaxing at home.”. – Claire

19. Samantha (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Crossdresser Samantha
“I love it, I think it is something very nice to experience and better when showing sensuality and that there are many people who accept it and love you for it!  I was always attracted to feminine clothes I think it is very sensual.”. Samantha

20. Nesrin (Istanbul)
boy to girl transformation
“It is a great feeling to dress and feel like a woman. I like to go out after getting dressed, and when people look at me and like it.”. – Nesrin

21. Victoria (The Netherlands)
Victoria crossdressing in skirt and heels
“I would say I am moderately experienced, there is still so much to enhance, at least in makeup skills and times it takes to do so. For me Victoria is part of who I am. And I love it. Sometimes she comes out a bit more often than other times. But I feel happy mostly nowadays with it.”. – Victoria

22. Sophia Kaledrah (France)
Crossdresser Sophia
I began like everyone else to crossdress secretly, all by myself. Then one day, I discovered some boys like “girls” like me, so I met one. Meeting boys was the only social interaction in which it was possible to be a girl that I knew.

Later, I attended a crossdressers party in a club  and it was a whole new world for me. I was very shy and stressed at first but the more I went out the more confident I became. To be treated like a real girl by everyone, teasing and laughing with the boys, dancing with a nice dress and high heels on, making friendship with other crossdressers, this is so much fun.

Since then, I don’t really crossdress for dating anymore, it’s so much more exciting to go out not knowing what will happen, and may be meet someone over there.”. – Sophia

23. Tina Martini (Australia)

“I was a closet crossdresser from age 12 until I was 57 and then I came out to my wife and have never looked back. I live a wonderful happy life, being Tina when I can (at least once a week). I love to look glamorous! I am also a live Cross-dressing performer.” – Tina

24. Jinny (Thailand)
Crossdresser in black dress
” Very lucky that so many friends support me and help me all the time. Girl clothes is very beautiful and lots of choice. You can be another person to express yourself through crossdressing.”. – Jinny

25. Maggie (Beijing, China)
crossdressing in public
“I had met some good persons when I traveled as a woman. Especially at Guizhou, I went to a small town , those children in town looked at me with curious, some travelers also glanced at me, but I just feel nothing, being a woman is my choice, it’s made me happy.” – Maggie

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