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20 Feminine Poses for Crossdressers to look Beautiful & Fabulous

Stunning crossdresser

Every crossdresser wants to look as feminine as possible in their photos. If you are not clicking the photos in the right pose, chances are you will not look good as you may have wanted to.

The poses in this article are selected as a good reference for crossdressers. Try your best to prepare yourself well before you click a photo and don’t forget to experiment and be a little more creative while posing for a photo.

With just a couple of tips and tricks mentioned inside this article, you will definitely love the posing process. OK, let’s start, one by one.

Here are 20 Feminine Poses for Crossdressers to look Beautiful & Fabulous in Every Photo.

(No.1) Look over your shoulder pose

This is a very simple pose to start with. Look over your shoulder and stare directly at the camera. You can then simply shoot photos from different angles for best results. You can also raise one of your legs to add a feminine touch to your photo.

beautiful crossdresser

(No.2) Sitting Pose (Simple)

This is a gorgeous and easy pose for crossdressers. Simply sit on the ground with both of your hands gently held together and your legs placed together as shown in the photo below. Also, look straight at the camera and smile slightly.
boys will be girls

(No.3) Standing Pose (Simple)

A very simple and casual looking pose to look feminine. There are lots of variations possible for this pose. Try twisting your body, experiment with hand positioning and try different head turns. Look directly at the camera while clicking the photo.
Crossdresser Adrii

(No.4) Sitting Pose with Legs Crossed

This is a very natural pose for crossdressers to look feminine. For this pose, simply cross your legs while sitting, place your hands close together and tilt your head slightly in any direction you prefer and click a photo.

Gorgeous Crossdresser

(No.5) Placing your hand below your chin pose

This is an easy yet charming pose to look elegant and feminine. Place one of your hand below your chin with the other hand tucked close to your body. Look at the camera directly and take pics preferably from the top angle.

Crosssdresser Celine

(No.6) The Mirror pose

For this pose, stand or sit in front of the mirror and stare at the camera through the mirror directly with a gentle smile. This pose is great to highlight both your front and back part of your face and body.

Crossdresser JJ

(No.7) With Legs Up pose

This is another lovely pose to look very feminine. This pose works quite well in different surface settings as well, like lying on a bed, or on the ground, or on a sandy beach. Shoot from a very low angle and look directly at the camera. This pose will highlight your legs and make them look more expressive. Wearing heels for this pose will make your photo appear extra fem and gorgeous.

Femesque Crossdressing Services in UK

(No.8) Playing with hair pose

This is another lovely pose to try for crossdressers. You can either sit or stand for this pose. Hold your hair gently to a side or just play with your hair while looking directly at the camera. Make sure your hair does not look messy and your face is clear while taking picture in this pose.

Crossdresser Melania in pink dress

(No.9) Sitting & Sideway pose

This is a really nice and lovely pose that will make your photo look absolutely stunning. For this pose,  sit on a chair or stairs and tilt your body slightly to either your left or right. Also, your knees have to touch each other. Shoot slightly from above and you can either look away or directly at the camera. You can play around with your hands and try different positions around your head or face.

mature crossdresser

(No.10) Standing with Back against the wall pose

This kind of  pose allows you to show the body curves and really highlights your body features. This pose gives a nice opportunity to play with angles and arms & legs position. For a better result, use a wall with nice textures.

lovely crossdresser in red dress

(No.11) Standing Pose with Use of a Prop

This is a great pose to experiment with.  A prop can give you many options which can be – leaning slightly on the chair or foot rested on the chair or in anyway you feel like posing.

Crossdresser leaning on sofa

(No.12) Laying on the Side Pose

This is another sensual and romantic pose to try. For this pose, lay on your side with your legs held close together. Keep your hands in a relaxed position and look directly at the camera.

Nicole Crossdresser

(No.13) Laying down with hands pose.

This is yet another fabulous & chic pose that will highlight your entire body. Simply, lay on the floor or any surface with your hands gently placed behind as a support. You can experiment with different position of your legs for this pose. Look directly or away from the camera to get the desired results.

why people crossdress

(No.14) Face Close Up pose

This is quite an easy pose to do that will highlight your face features and take the attention away from your body. For this pose, gently tilt your head sideways and look directly at the camera. This pose will work well with high angles and different head positions.

beautiful crossdresser in floral dress

(No.15) Sitting down on the Floor pose

This is a charming pose to look attractive and feminine. For this pose, sit down on your legs and try to keep them as close together. You can experiment with your hands and face gesture for this pose as you fancy.

(No.16) Leaning Slightly Forward pose

This pose can be a very attractive & glamorous gesture. For this pose, lean slightly forward. This is a subtle way to emphasize on upper body shapes. For best results, take the photo from side way to highlight your body curves. Place one of your hands close to your face and the other one close to your lower body.

Crossdresser leaning down

(No.17) Candid Pose

Candid photos will make you look more natural. This pose is all about honest and spontaneous moments. So, just try to capture your raw and natural state with any pose your are comfortable with without really acknowledging the camera in front of you.

Crossdresser candid shot

(No.18) Standing & Sideway Pose

This is another standing pose to try out. For this pose, Slightly turn your body sideways in relation with the camera. Keep your hands close to the body and one of your leg slightly bent. You can tilt your head gently if you like for this pose.

(No.19) With One Leg Up Pose

This is a glamorous pose to look attractive and chic. This kind of pose goes well with short dresses that highlights the lower body more. For this pose, raise one of your leg slightly upto the knee height. Place your hands away from your body and clam onto something strong to support your balance. Tilt your head gently and look directly in the camera.

(No.20) Holding your Dress Pose

This is a fun pose to try for crossdressers. For this pose, grab the end of your dress or the edges of your outfit in a delicate manner. Keeps your legs close together and tilt your head slightly. Experiment with different hand and legs gestures for desired results.

crossdresser anna mollay

We hope this Female poses to look Feminine & Beautiful were helpful to you and hope it will really assist you in taking fabulous photos of yourself.

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  1. What a great article! Definitely all crossdressers love to take pictures of themselves, and try to look as beautiful and feminine as possible… So to know about all these tips for posing is just wonderful… I use some of these already, but there are many of them that I need to try!!

    I love this website, with quality content obviously made by crossdressers for crossdressers… I feel so nice and safe reading all you posts… It is comforting to know that we are not alone, and that there are many of us feeling the same things, and wanting to enjoy being the girls we dream to be… Thanks friends!

  2. Very Beautiful,
    Thank you

    1. I want to pose in my new boyfriend’s arms, and his lips on mine! Ooooooooh, so sweet!
      Miss Roxanne

  3. Some really good ideas I’m definitely going to try to emulate also amazing pictures and models
    Thank you xx

    1. Try taking photos from different positions. They add interest and maybe more flattering.

  4. Great observations… very useful for those of us who are ‘part time’ gurls.

  5. Thanks for all of the great ideas! I will give all 20 poses a try.

  6. Superbe et très utiles les photos sont magnifiques et merci pour nous toutes

  7. Some of the girls look slightly hunched, which is a common problem with men. Make sure you stretch your head out, since we tend to have thicker necks than gg’s.

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