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12 Best Dresses for Crossdressers – Male to Female Crossdressing Guide

12 Best Dresses for CrossdressersDo you love wearing dresses? It is definitely a lot of fun to put on a lovely feminine dress. The right dress can instantly make you feel more confident, fabulous, and sexy. There are so many styles of dresses to choose from ranging from midi dresses to bodycon dresses. In this article, we will be sharing some of the best dresses for crossdressers that will make you look feminine, confident, and gorgeous.

So, lets get started!

Here are 12 Best Dresses for Crossdressers:

1) V-neck Ribbed Knit Midi Dress (Knitted Dress)

Knitted Dress
Knitted dress is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Knitted dresses are the best choice for date nights, clubbing or even casual gatherings. This gorgeous statement knitted dress is a much have for any crossdresser.

2) Sequin V Neck Mini Dress (Party Dress)

Sequin dress for crossdresser
Every crossdresser needs to have at least one party dress in her wardrobe. No party is complete without the perfect party dress. Sequin dresses are perfect to look glamorous for any kind of parties. Go all out with a statement sequin dress to turn heads and feel amazing.

3) Floral Print Short Sleeve Midi Wrap Dress (Wrap Dress)

Dresses for Crossdressers
Wrap dresses are pretty popular right now. Wrap dress has one side of the front cross over the other and needs to be tied at the waist (from the side or at the back). A wrap dress is simple to wear, cozy, easy to style, and looks pretty chic & elegant on the body . Show off your figure with a flattering wrap dress. It is perfect for any occasions, from a house party to a formal event.

4) Floral Print Belted Swing Shirt Dress (Shirt Dress)

shirt dress for crossdresser
Shirt dress is classy, shirt styled, button up dress guaranteed to elevate your looks. You can find different types of shirt dresses, from classic cold shoulders to oversized styles. Shirt dresses are feminine, cozy, and great for casual as well as formal occasions.

5) Black Crochet Sleeves Cut Out Neck  Lace Dress (Lace Dress)

Lace Dress for crossdresser
Lace Dresses are delicate, feminine, and fabulous. A must-have for any dress collection, lace dresses are perfect for a sexy night-out look or for any special occasions. You can never go wrong with a beautiful lace dress.

6) Frill Mini Dress (Evening Dress)

Evening dress for crossdresser
Evening dresses adds sparkles, elegance, and sophistication to your looks. Stand out from the rest with a stylish evening dress for any kind of formal occasions in the evening, be it a high profile party or fun evening hangout with friends in a restaurant. Nothing says glamour like an elegant evening dress.

7) Zebra Print High Neck Long Sleeve Midi Dress (Midi Dress)

Midi Dresses for Crossdressers
Midi dress is amazing for its perfect blend of figure embracing and not too revealing. It is great for creating an illusion of feminine, curvy silhouette. Midi dresses are for those who complain maxi dresses are too long and mini dresses are too short. A midi dress is effortlessly chic and romantically feminine, which makes it perfect for many occasions, from summer outdoor parties to a night out or a weekend brunch.

8) Floral Print V Neck Maxi Dress (Maxi Dress) 

Maxi Dress
Maxi Dresses are chic and trendy, making it the perfect choice for many girls. They’re a great style of dress that helps you keep cool and covered. Maxi dresses creates the illusion of slim figure and adds elegance to your look. A stylish maxi dress is perfect for a summer stroll or lounging in the garden.

9) The Mock Neck Shift Dress (Shift Dress)

Shift Dress
A shift dress is a comfy and breathable dress in which its easier to shift or move around. Shift dresses are quite versatile and is considered classic and timeless. Its loose fitting form and simple shape makes it easy to wear , while its flattering cut gives it a feminine and chic style.

10) Floral Print Button Front Chiffon Dress (Floral Dress)

Floral dress
Floral dresses are a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. They are girly, refreshing, and so vibrant. Floral dresses are the perfect way to add a touch of softness and chicness to your look. Floral prints adds a nice bit of romance and elegance. Floral dresses are best for casual and occasion looks with its sweet, light weight and flowy features.

11) Satin Cowl Neck Maxi Dress (Satin Dress)

Satin Dress for crossdressers
Satin dress always adds a bit of glamour and sophistication to your looks. Satin dresses are well known for its softness, light-weightness and luxurious appeal. They are perfect for evening wear, formal events, and special occasions. Satin dresses are super flattering on the body, smooth to the touch, gracefully hugs your body with effortless style.

12) Round Neck Ribbed Bodycon Dress (Bodycon Dress)

Bodycon Dress
Bodycon dresses are popular for their figure hugging and stretchy feature. It is an absolute must-have for every girl’s wardrobe. A black bodycon dress is one of the best version of the little black dress. Level up your looks with a lovely bodycon dress and show off your body with confidence.

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  1. All the proposals seem great to enhance our femininity, although I liked the short-sleeved midi wrap dress with a floral print (wrap dress), it is very feminine, shows her legs and at the same time is very insinuating.
    The ribbed tight with round neck (tight dress), I also liked it a lot, it makes the person who wears it very feminine, highlighting its contours, which forces the user to have a nice body.

  2. Beautiful sexy dresses I would love to have a place to try on the find me the dress size I need where are you a Buncha weird looking

  3. Like dresses as much as the next CDer does. But I’m a different kind of CDer. See I don’t have the need to look feminine or female at all.

    I am what I was told is a masculine crossdresser. I wear a beard, don’t wear make-up, wigs, or breast forms. I don’t even shave my body hair

    So what dresses would you recommend for the masculine crossdresser


    1. That’s a really great question, Dave. I have stubble and a very broad hairy chest, but am also tall and wear my hair shoulder-blade long. One idea: I think a black sleeveless midi (not quite sure if it’s the same as the bodycon) looks great as it accentuates the power of the male physique while adding a feminine litheness. What other ideas do people have?

  4. I’m a large sized CD and I really do love to dress, but I can only do it when the wife’s out at work.

  5. Lovely post. Though there are no limit for choice or selection of girl dress in the world, this post is helpful in shortlisting must haves in closet💞

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