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10 Things to Do to Feel Like a Girl without Taking Hormones

how to feel like a girl- Feminization tips

If you are a crossdresser or MTF transgender who really want to achieve a very passable figure and feminine personality, you might be tempted to undergo Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But HRT can be expensive and not an easy options for most due to financial issues, un-supportive families etc.

And of course, everyone’s idea of femininity can be different too. There are many crossdressers & trans women who feel & look feminine naturally. And there are also many crossdressers & MTF Trans women who have a more masculine build but with a few tips & feminization tricks, passing & looking more feminine wouldn’t be very difficult.

Here are 10 Things to do to Feel Like a Girl without Taking Hormones !

1. Start growing your hair

This is definitely the easiest, cheapest and a very natural way to progress your feminine appearance. Every girl wants to grow out her hair and having longer hair can make you feel more girly & fem. Maintaining your hair is very important and you will need a lot of self care to have a nice long hair. Use good quality products & oils to keep your hair in good condition. It does take time to grow your hair long but it is definitely worth the wait.

start growing your hair

2. Facial & Body hair removal

This is another important step to acquire a more feminine appearance. Girls and women tend to have no facial and body hair so, shave your facial & body hair completely. Having a well shaved body will go great with short dresses & outfits.

Shaving your legs

3. Take care of your skin

Having smooth and soft skin is really important for your body to really feel feminine. Moisturize your body from head to toe regularly. Girls have soft and smooth skin and they take care of their body better than guys. Shower reguarly and moisturize properly to improve your skin and its look.

4. Paint your nails

This is also a great way of feminizing your hands. Painting your nails will give your hands a lovely looks & style. Looking down and seeing a feminine hand will significantly make you feel more girly & pretty. Go for the bright colors and glossy ones if you want to feel extra fem.

lovely crossdresser

5. Make your voice more feminine

Having a soft & feminine voice will certainly make you feel more feminine and also send out a strong feminine signal. You can really tune down your voice to be feminine with some practice and proper training. Check out online tutorials on feminizing your voice.

feminize your voice

6. Get good at makeup.

Makeup is a very power tool to enhance your appearance. Girls and women around the world are completely obsessed with it as it can work wonders for their look. Take time in learning & experimenting with different makeup products to find out the look & styles that suits you the best. Wearing makeup does not have to be heavy and glam all the time, you can also get a very subtle & charming feminine face with the right amount of makeup.

how to feel like a girl

7. Create a nice wardrobe.

Build a nice female wardrobe. Even if you are tight on money, you can still get a few outfits. Also try to get the best quality you can afford and don’t hurry while buying clothes. Take time & consideration in getting the right outfit that match your body size and looks. Try to avoid buying very cheap clothes because they will never make you look classy & chic. Try to add new clothes to your wardrobe slowly.Crossdresser JJ

8. Get nice accessories.

With the right feminine accessories, you will feel more beautiful and your overall looks can drastically improve. Buy nice earrings, necklaces and lady’s purses to add to your collection. Pay attention to details and experiment with different styles to know what suits you the best.

9. Exercise

There are few exercises that you can do to create a more feminine figure. Squats is a great exercises to make your ass look more rounder & fuller. Check out online exercise tutorials on women’s workout routine.

exercise to look more feminine

10. Be Unique.

If you keep comparing yourself with others about your looks or anything else, you won’t be happy ever. Start loving yourself for who you really are & just be yourself. Try to accept everything about your body & yourself and feel more beautiful in your own skin.

lovely crossdresser

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  1. Absolutly right message…life is short, go happy…

  2. I so want to be a Girl! I so want to have aman in my life, as my dear lover, and make him ever so happy! Please? I will be such a good girl for him! I WILL!
    Miss Roxanne Lanyon

  3. This is really helpful, thank you x

  4. I’m using HRT (natural estrogene) since more than 20 years, starting when I was 41 and it took nearly nothing for me. A little change of the skin texture, but no breast and butt growth, small fat redistribution at upper legs. The possible effects are clearly linked to the genetic disposition and of course the age you start.

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