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10 Cute Girly Outfit Ideas for Crossdressers

10 Outfit Ideas for Crossdressers

Whether you just started crossdressing or confused about which outfits to wear to look cute & girly, here are 10 cute outfit ideas that every crossdresser should try. These comfortable and fabulous outfit ideas will definitely help you to look fabulously feminine & cute. So let’s get started !

No.1) Floral Print Bodycon Dress Crossdressing in bodycon dress

Bodycon dress and floral prints are really trendy these days. Bodycon dress is a tight, stretchy, figure hugging dress that will flatter your body shape. It looks quite stylish and very sexy to wear. Certainly a must have outfit for crossdressers which provides a very feminine sensation to the body. Heels go really with this type of outfit.

No.2 ) Off shoulder Top & Skater Skirt

crossdressing in skater skirt

In order to create a gorgeous finish, this look combines two current major trends with an Off shoulder Top and Skater Skirt. This is a great combination to look & feel girly for crossdressers. Thigh high socks and boots or sneakers  goes really well with this look. 

No.3) Knee-length Black DressCrossdressing in black dress

Every crossdressers needs to have at-least one black dress in their wardrobe. A nice black dress never goes out of style. Make sure the quality of the fabric is good and the dress is comfortable to wear. You can pair this dress with black pantyhose and heels to create a very feminine look.

No.4) Simple white T-shirt & Leggings

Crossdressing in leggings

This is more of a casual look but will still make you look quite girly and cute. Leggings have really changed the fashion world and so many girls and woman can be seen wearing them daily.  You can find a lot of designs and types of leggings nowadays. Not only are they comfortable to wear but it also feels very feminine to wear.  Put on a simple t-shirt (not too loose)  with a pair of leggings and you are good to go. You can wear any type of shoes with this look.

No. 5)  Tank Top and Patterned Mini Skirt 

Crossdressing in mini skirt

Mini skirts are adored by many crossdressers and is considered one of the most desired apparel to wear. So, for this look, put on a mini skirt with a nice tank top. There are so many options that you can get for mini skirts. Choose the ones that feels comfortable to wear and fits you properly. This outfit combination will make you feel really cute. You can wear heels, sneaker or just about every type of shoes with this outfit. 

No.6 ) Sleeveless Mini Dresscrossdressing in mini dress

A fitting mini dress will definitely make you feel super girly and pretty. Dressing in mini dress will mean your arms and legs are going to be more exposed. So if you can, shave of your body hair nicely before putting on a mini dress. You can also wear pantyhose if you like with this outfit . For shoes, heels go really with mini dresses.

No.7) Cropped Top with Shorts crossdressing in skirt

You can’t go wrong with this combination. Cropped T-shirts are so much fun to wear and will look super cute with shorts and also mini skirts. This look will certainly make you feel girly and fabulous. 

No.8) Blouse with Pencil Skirt & PantyhoseCrossdressing Secretary look

This combination gives out more of a formal/business look but is still very fun to wear. You will surely feel classy and cute wearing this outfit. Choose a nice blouse and pair it with a black pencil skirt and pantyhose. Finish the look by wearing a nice pair of heels.

No.9) Cropped T-shirt,  Shirt / Outer & Skinny Jeans

Crossdressing in Jeans This combination  provides a very casual & cute look. Wear a shirt or Outer over the cropped T-shirt and put on a lovely pair of skinny jeans. You can go for ripped skinny jeans to look more edgy. Sneakers and Heels will look really cute with this outfit.

No.10 ) Elegant Gown

crossdressing in black gown

Every crossdresser should try on a lovely gown at least once in their life. It creates a nice sophisticated look and will definitely bring out the woman in you. Add some nice heels to this look and you will surely be amazed how good you will look and feel.

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  1. Great tips and ideas for all of us, trying to look as feminine and pretty as possible!!

  2. It was the best time to go out dress up like a woman in leggings a me d top

  3. These pictures and all the advice on your site seem very correct and well thought-out. But there does seem to me to be one silent problem; a kind of “elephant in the room”. I’m not sure, and so this is not meant as criticism, and it certainly is not meant in any negative way. But I do wonder about it—as indeed I have wondered about it, all my life. (And in my 70s, “all my life” is quite awhile now!)

    To “dress up like a woman”; yes; sure. Because “girls get to wear all those fantasy things that boys would LOVE to wear”—an incredibly strong fantasy, for those males who are sensitive to it.

    BUT, do we want to “dress up like a woman” or do we really represent something else, neither conforming with male nor female? As I reviewed your pictures and writings, I noticed that a price was being paid—quite a big price, I would say—in dressing up LIKE any recognized style of male OR female. The skirts, everything, are all very nice, and I’ve mentioned your advice is very good. But the suggested pictures and styles are quite conservative Pretty, yes; but at the very best, these styles will lead your followers to be “simply invisible” within the set societal fashion styles of—being a “normal” girl, in “normal” fashion style. Wonderful, sexy, beautiful—and yet, and yet, apart from a very few avant-garde street ladies we might see out on a Friday or Saturday night, these “normal girls, in their normal fashions” may be not really what drives the passion of lifelong desire felt to the very cores of males who wear girls’ (or more accurately, girlie) nylon panties.

    What IS that sizzling passion? I don’t think we really want to be oh-so-similar to girls in their “normally sexy office attire” at all. I honestly feel we are “even more different” from that. At least, some of us, or a number of us, are. It is not a Hallowe’en gig, nor a joke: it is way, way deep inside our souls. And when we see some young lady who is truly more gorgeous than any Hollywood monied princess of the screen; when such a creature burns her way along the sidewalk and we see her bum-cheeks so bare above her perfect-perfect legs; when we feel that instant the fire and the sizzling heat of what SHE is feeling—why, that is worlds apart from anything average, and it is quite a long way away from most anything conventionally “acceptable” in fashion norms.

    Do you know what I’m saying?

    I’m suggesting that there are three reasons to go out in the disguise of something we are not:
    (1) It is fun to dress up like a carrot on Hallowe’en.
    (2) It is super-fun, a real thrill, to dress up like the opposite sex, on Hallowe’en or for any costume party.
    (3) It is a fiery THRILL, that runs as deep as our blood-source, to dress up as THE LIFE-FORMS WE TRULY ARE, not mimicking nor imitating anything or anyone, but rather expressing ourselves as a THIRD SEX (or maybe as a zillionth-millionth-and-third sex) that is as genuine and ancient and true as our very life-breath. We are not mimicking anyone or anything, in that case. We are breathing the sex we truly ARE; and if this is the case, it explains why sheer nylon panties are today as much a breathtaking thrill to slip up my legs as they were more than seventy years ago, in this lifetimeThese pictures and all the advice on your site seem very correct and well thought-out. But there does seem to me to be one silent problem; a kind of “elephant in the room”. I’m not sure, and so this is not meant as criticism, and it certainly is not meant in any negative way. But I do wonder about it—as indeed I have wondered about it, all my life. (And in my 70s, “all my life” is quite awhile now!)

    I could say much much more, having been thrilled by the feel of nylon panties for more than seventy years. If you wish, you can email me. I do appreciate your wonderful suggestions to be girlie, to look like a girl. That is superb. I think there is more, however. Thank you.

  4. I had to respond to your PantySylph, at 60 I am very new to crossdressing but dressing and shopping has been an amazing outlet and creative adventure which captivates my imagination. The world of women’s fashion is a big, bold and beautiful playground to explore.

    Vive la difference and thank you all.

  5. When I crossdress I want to look as sexy and provocative as possible. I love the sleeveless blue dress, skin tight shorts and crop top is super sexy. I work really hard to stay thin,but I have muscular arms so I think I look better with sleeves.

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